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The STEM Prize Competition was established to encourage young Cameroonians, especially girls and young women to pursue careers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. From the many applications received in this year’s edition, five (5) teams of  motivated young men and women  aged between 13 and 21 have been selected as Finalists.  These young Cameroonians are working on innovative projects to improve the living conditions in their communities and the entire country.A

Find below the Projects of the Top finalists for the 2019 STEM Prize Competition in Alphabetical order

winners stemprize group3

Project Title: Home Automation and Security System (HASS)

winners stemprize group2

Project Title: LANDPAD –  a tablet with a set of applications to digitize agricultural plantations and optimize production by facilitating access to markets, information and training.

winners stemprize group5

Project Title: Production de Biocarburant Diesel Paraffinique a Partir de L’huile De Neem

winners stemprize group1

Project Title: Plastic Waste Bottles Turned Building Blocks to Construct an Eco-Friendly Residential House by 2020 in Foumbot, Cameroon

winners stemprize group4

Project Title:  Construction d’un moulin à écraser hybride.